I coach business leaders and business visioners who are making a meaningful difference in the world. Who value integrity and are willing to do the inner and outer work it takes to align your soul values with your business actions.

Who know that success is not just about how much money your business makes, it’s about how the money is made and invested- the energy the money carries with it

That impact is not just about how many people you reach and influence, its the quality of each of those connections and how much joy, care and love they carry

That innovation is not just about creating new and advanced technology within our current system, it’s about being bold enough to lead the way into an entirely new system

I want to work with you if you are committed to bringing your highest commitments (socially, environmentally and spiritually) and most soulful gifts into how you do business. 


I WILL NOT tell you what to do or how to do it, I am not a consultant. You are the expert in your business (and in your deepest commitments).

I WILL guide you deep into your own truth and challenge you to take action from that soul directed place… BOLD ACTIONS that have a huge and positive impact in the world and on your business.


My expertise is in creating the most sacred, safe, confidential and energised spaces where your truths (even the ones you’ve been hiding from yourself) come out, where your soul truths reveal themselves.

In telling you the truth as I see it and serving you to walk your highest commitments and take each powerful step you need to take to do business in alignment with them and leave a profound impact.

In having the deep willingness to listen, and to listen to more than just the words I am hearing. To listen to all that your body, your energy and your spirit is saying and to listen to my intuition and be guided by it to serve you as powerfully as I can

In feeling and seeing where you’re stuck or limiting your potential and boldly calling that out. In bringing you to a space where you do transform that which stands in your way, where you claim what you truly want (in spite of the fears) and take the actions to live in alignment with your highest values.

In fully, gently and fiercely loving, appreciating and challenging you, just as you are and through absolutely anything. To be that model of radical appreciation that is needed to step into more holistic success.


If you are ready to go there… to step into that sacred space with me and create whole new worlds through the socially responsible and soulful actions of your business,  then send me an email to kaya@kayajongen.com OR fill out the form below.

I will not enter into a coaching relationship with you before we’ve both experienced the impact of my coaching on you and your business.

I want to get to know you before we work together in a coaching relationship. I want you to experience my work and experience the transformation it gives you, therefore I require us to meet in a coaching conversation as the next step.

This conversation isn’t a taster session, it is a full, life changing experience of my coaching (up to 2.5 hours on phone or Skype) where I go all out and serve you. I ask that you agree and understand that you won’t owe me anything for this conversation, it is my gift to you and the world.

 If you are a bold business leader or visioner who is ready to make an even greater, positive impact in the world and you’re willing to go deep with me, email me at kaya@kayajongen.com (OR fill out the form below) and we can arrange a time to meet in powerful conversation.

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