Kaya Jongen

Do you yearn to feel more ALIVE… to live life with more ALIVENESS?
Does living a life of FREEDOM light you up and call to you deep down in your bones?
Do you you want to follow, speak, hear, move and live your TRUTH each and every day?

These are the core values, the energies I choose to live my life with.

These are the sacred intentions I hold as I grow together with my children and my community.

These are the guiding principles I anchor to as I grow my business and my work in the world.

And these are the qualities of magic that I bring to my work with you.

If you are ready to step into your Aliveness, your Power, your Truth. If you are ready to experience Freedom, Soul Connection and Authentic Expression… then it would be my honour to spend time in a deep coaching conversation with you.

I will not enter into a coaching relationship with you before we’ve both experienced the impact of my coaching on you and your business or project.

I want to get to know you before we work together in a coaching relationship. I want you to experience my work and experience the transformation it gives you, therefore I require us to meet in a coaching conversation as the next step.

This conversation isn’t a taster session, it is a full, life changing experience of my coaching (anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours) where I go all out and serve you. I ask that you agree and understand that you won’t owe me anything for this conversation, it is my gift to you and the world.

If you are ready to go there… to step into sacred space with me and create whole new worlds of Aliveness, Freedom and Truth, then call me on 0466981684 (Australia), send me an email to kaya@kayajongen.com OR fill out the form below.

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